What a wine!

Red, white or sparkling?


Our sparkling wines will give a lift to your evening, whether the occasion is a birthday party, Christmas party or even just a relaxed drink at the end of a long day. And who could resist a velvety red or refreshing white wine! Choosing the right wine for your meal enriches the overall dining experience. People’s tastes vary, but fortunately there are many different wines to match!

Staying at the hotel or exhibiting at a fair? When you buy a wine from our selection, we will store it for you in our wine cellar during your stay. This allows you to just pop in to Platta or Open Lobby to enjoy a glass on your own schedule.

Wines like it cool

All our wines are kept in our wine cellar at the optimal temperature. Our cellar has a wide range of wines from around the world, from the well-known brands to exciting new arrivals. We give priority to small producers, and so we also offer organic wines, many of which are biodynamically produced. In addition to their knowledge and appreciation of the classics, our sommeliers keep a keen eye on the latest trends in the wine world. 

Plattan viinit

Viinimaistelu on seikkailu

Tervetuloa viinien monipuoliseen maailmaan! Tarkoitus on nauttia kaikilla aisteilla – ja oppia samalla ohimennen viineistä. Tutustumme erityyppisiin viineihin eri alueilta, opettelemme maistamisen salat ja vertailemme makuja. Oppaana toimii kokenut sommelier. Astu seikkailuun uteliaana ja mielenkiinnolla – me hoidamme loput!

Kysy tarjous myyntipalvelustamme fazer.sales@messukeskus.fi


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We are located next to Holiday Inn Helsinki Expo & Messukeskus

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We are located next to Holiday Inn Helsinki Expo & Messukeskus