We have good reason to be proud of our in-house pizzas. Great pizzas require dedication and an expert touch at every stage of the process. Every restaurant has its own idea of what the ideal pizza is like. Should the base be allowed to rise for an hour or three days, and should the tomato sauce be cooked? We have our own secrets for ensuring superb pizzas. 

Our dough recipe originated in southern California. In addition to drawing inspiration from Brooklyn, our range of toppings also bear the hallmark of sheer respect for the combination of top-quality ingredients. Platta offers the tastes of Italy with an unmistakably Finnish touch.

Olemme ylpeitä käsintehdyistä pizzoistamme.

Artisan pizzas

Our pizza dough and tomato sauce are
house-made and served with pride

Tomato, Fior di latte mozzarella and basil

PORVOO (LL)    15
Smoked ham, red onion,
Fior di latte mozzarella and parsley

(Pizza bianca) Four cheeses:
Västerbotten, Peltolan Blue, brie, mozzarella

BEIRUT (Ve)    15
Vegan creme fraiche, cherry tomato, red onion,
parsley and za´atar spice mix

PARIS (LL)    16
Salami Milano, champignons and parmesan cheese

TROMSØ (LL, includes nuts)    16
(Pizza bianca) Prawns, sour cream, red onion,
grilled bell pepper paste and aragula

Tomato, cured n´Duja sausage, Ramiro pepper and sage oil

Beef bresaola, parmesan, truffle oil and aragula


Shared pizzas

Enjoy our delicious artisan meter pizzas among your party. One pizza serves to 5-6 people. All pizzas are low-lactose.

Meter-pizzas are for pre-order only, at least two (2) days in advance. Pre-orders need to be made from our sales service:


BROOKLYN   € 70 
Tomatoes, Fior di latte -mozzarella and basil

PORVOO   € 75
Ham, red onion, Fior di latte -mozzarella and parsley

PARIS   € 80
Salami Milan, champignons and parmesan cheese

TROMSØ   € 80
Giant shrimp tails, smetana, red onions, grilled red pepper paste and rucola

Air dried beef bresaola, parmesan cheese, truffle oil and rucola

Additional salad   € 5 per person


Are you looking for the right kind of dinner menu for your group? Please be in contact to our sales service and we help you to organize the dinner set-up for your needs. Minimum amount for group menus is 10 people.

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We are located next to Holiday Inn Helsinki Expo & Messukeskus