Open Lobby

Open Lobby – step inside!


Be yourself, relax and kick your shoes off if you want! The Open Lobby bar has a cosy, homely atmosphere for taking time out and relaxing. You can enjoy a coffee or snack whenever you want, as the bar is open 24/7. Enjoy a great lunch or dinner, browse the internet, get some work done, or just socialise or relax in peace. Our staff will be happy to help if you have any questions. 

The inviting atmosphere of the Open Lobby makes it the ideal place for socialising with friends and colleagues, whether you’re on the way to a fair or into town, or just need to grab a snack and charge your phone at the same time. This is a great place for relaxing as long as you like. The comfortable space invites guests to immerse themselves in conversation or relax with a quality wine, beer, cocktail or other drink

We welcome you to discover great new taste experiences!


Open Lobby's menu

Salmon soup (L)  small 13 /  big 17

Caesar salad  small 13 /  big 17
Filling options: roasted chicken (LL), giant shrimp tails (LL) or avocado (Ve)

Open Lobby Club Sandwich (L) 21
Classic triple-decker with roasted chicken, bacon and egg.
Served with French fries or green salad.

Platta’s fillet steak (L,G) 34
Grilled 275 g beef steak, french fries and spicy herb butter with
n´Duja cured sausage. Served with fresh tomato salsa.


Pizzas & Burgers

All our pizzas are handmade from the dough to the
finishing touches

Pizza Brooklyn (LL) 14
Tomatoes, Fior di Latte mozzarella and basil

Pizza Porvoo (LL) 15
Smoked ham, red onion, Fior di Latte mozzarella and parsley

Pizza Helsinki (LL) 16
Pizza Bianca. 4 cheeses - Västerbotten, Peltolan blue, Brie and mozzarella

Pizza Paris (LL) 16
Salami, mushrooms and parmesan cheese

Platta’s cheeseburger (L) 21
Grilled 100% minced beef, cheddar cheese and tomato salsa.
Served with french fries or green salad.


Classic pasta dishes are finished with sauces made from
the best ingredients – Bellissimo!

Halloumi pasta (LL) 17
Penne pasta, grilled halloumi and basil pesto

Chicken pasta (LL) 18
Penne pasta, roasted chicken and spicy tomato sauce

Prawn pasta (LL) 19
Penne pasta, grilled prawn tails and parmesan cheese


Something sweet

Save some room! We’ve got some delicious desserts,
with a moment of joy in every mouthful.

Chocolate brownie (L, P) 10
Chocolate brownie, black pepper caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Season’s ice cream or sorbet 5


Available 24 / 7

Dish of the day meals are available at To Go Café.

Salad of the day 9.50

Soup of the day 10

Season’s warm sandwich 10.50
Home-made warm sandwich with fresh, seasonal ingredients

Season’s cold sandwich 4.80 - 6.50
Cold daily sandwiches available from the To Go Café


Please, kindly note that the raw materials used in the restaurants may vary from the planned and therefore the product specifications and dietary labels published at web sites may differ from the final and correct information that will be given at the restaurant. Persons with allergies are advised every time to check the suitability of the offered food choices to their diet at the restaurant. Thank you for your understanding.

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